i (from The Independent) - 30 Jan 2015

Table of content - i (from The Independent) (30 Jan 2015)

Tories fear migrant voting power
‘ I hate awards’
Murray makes final
Stop moaning, Mourinho.
Grayson Perry backs i’s campaign
★★★★★ for Inherent Vice
Stop the bus rip- off
Spiritual homes of lesser- known faiths
‘Here’s my great life… again’
Why is one dating site a chance to (in) mate for life?
Politicians fail to elect new president
Tory rhetoric may lose them election
The News Matrix
Gunman arrested at national broadcaster
Qatari London home plan rejected
Hospital chiefs rebel over funding cut
Russians scolded for airspace incursion
Pope offers haircuts to the homeless
Victims’ names on committee website
Quote of the day
Letter from the Editor
Elvis memorabilia collection on sale
7-second-late lottery ‘winner’ loses appeal
Fans fear for future of ‘Downton Abbey’
Don’t count your chickens – they will
Relatives to claim veterans’ free ale
Labour pledges lifeline for rural bus routes
Snowstorm alerts into next week
The picture outside England
Record number of migrant voters puts seats at risk
Kim courts controversy
Migrant majorities
Miliband refuses to rule out post-election deal with SNP
Broadcasters reject earlier leader debates
University mulls plan to refund fees if students fail
Ombudsman’s £ 20,000 travel claims criticised
Prince Charles’ friendship with Saudis ‘repellent’
EU could hire PRs to counter jihadist views
Jordan demands proof pilot is alive in hostage talks
Hostage diplomacy means the ‘caliphate’ has become a real state
Bargaining chips
Boy questioned by police for ‘I am not Charlie’ remark
‘Downton’ fans devastated by rumours show may end
Firms increase profits despite drop in prices
Life In Brief
Quote of the day
Labour can’t go back to go forward
Rosie takes on Katie and Katie
Visitors to London
Comparisons for beginners
Worshippers at Apple shrine
Churchill and Turing
Hard-working nonsense
Pregnancy problem
Save your energy
Our commitment
Disappearing act for Grayling
Sex lives of the over-70s
Ann Marie supports hubby
Must we really compete in the bedroom until we’re past 80?
Change in law is good news for women
Cox handed role to bring science to the masses
Paltrow’s intimate tips leave doctors steaming
MoD’s 15 golf courses may be first to go in new asset sale to keep UK forces ‘fighting fit’
‘Cabaret’ star Grey, 82, says it ‘took time’ to come out as gay
He’s history! Backlash at plans to replace ‘Dippy’
New concussion test could help rugby players
Childhood obesity crisis: waistlines ‘levelling out’
Bilingual pupils ‘do not hold back classmates’
Gap between rich and poor widens in England’s schools
We need more research into preventing concussion
Terrorist threats allow states to violate civil liberties, says watchdog
A wake-up call long after the party ended
Missing Flight MH370 ‘an accident’
Greece has forced a bout of brain-bashing about the EU
File on Duggan shooting lost in the post
Radio 3 promises more airtime for women composers
Awards celebrate exceptional citizens
Women’s Day schedule
‘If you’re hard on the world, you’re hard on yourself... Be nice to both’
Families urged: copulate to populate Shanghai
Date-a-prisoner Facebook page proves a hit
Killer sudoku
End of the adventure for a pair of golden fugitives
Freedom of information reaches 10-year milestone
Postcard From...
Chants for justice at funeral of top prosecutor
Women protest after ‘thugs’ kill activists
Angry crowds throw stones at president
Government to free detainees
Persecuted Jews get citizen rights
Case of mad cow disease reported
MSF forced to quit conflict zones
Gas lorry blast hits hospital
‘Any award in the arts is a dubious honour’
Twelve years a slave to one film
A hazy slice of Hollywood noir
Craig McLean
Emily Mackay
A freewheelin’ Bob restores life to old standards
It won’t save young minds from corruption, but it may save us from
Room 101
The Big Allotment Challenge
Kraftwerk: Pop Art
Food & Drink
Sound Of Song
The Firm
The Punk Singer
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
The Verb
The Road
Confessions of a killer lesbian nun
Valentine’s Day jewellery under £ 70
The detached home is making a comeback and restoring balance to housing stock
The 30 Second Briefing
Battle intensifies as Sky launches mobile services
Brewers feel the pinch as Russians go off alcohol
Quote of the day
Arctic drilling back on Shell agenda despite $15bn cuts
Clock is ticking over defence outsourcing
Chairman exits Royal Mail 15 months after privatisation
New Ocado centre would create 1,000 jobs
Ford puts its woes behind it
Kenny takes his time over IAG bid
Unexpected surge in Nomura profits
Apple is top brand for big spenders
The Business Matrix
Fines for abuse of suppliers
Christmas cracker helps lift M&B
Surprise profit at Deutsche Bank
Takeaway app hungry to grow
Rank rakes it in at gaming tables
Samsung hurting as Apple shines
Hershey moves for meat snacks
Gazprom profit drops 60 per cent
Blackstone sheds exposure to oil
Low inflation drops bond yield
Alibaba’s magic carpet hit by $25bn drop in altitude
Bankers take note
daily money
the markets
Word Wheel
Maths Puzzle
Word Ladder
Cubans may finally get to punch for pay
Up A good day for...
The Opinion Matrix
Latest injury is a real pain in the neck for Lancaster
SPORT IN BRIEF McLaren hopeful car is a winner
Sky’s Wiggins to lead in Qatar
Bryant out for nine months
Figures cast doubt on Olympic legacy
Amir clear to play after end of fixing ban
London 2012 was never going to solve the nation’s inactivity
Controversy continues to follow Patriots’ Belichick
Looming court case can’t upset McIlroy’s rhythm in the desert
Pardew strengthens with Mutch and Ameobi deals
Clark determined to fight on at Blackpool, despite the doubters
Controversy reigns as Mali suffer a cruel exit
Allardyce hits back at Senegal over Sakho
Rodgers: We’ll be hard to stop now Sturridge is back
The more Mourinho attempts to influence match officials, the more they are likely to ignore him
FA backs Ali as president
Owls bought by tuna firm
The more Mourinho attempts to influence match officials, the more they are likely to ignore him
My best of the week
Costa ban set to compound Blues’ absentee worries
Fernando’s finding his feet in a new, non-stop ‘running’ game
Murray beats Berdych to set up another shot at history
British No 1 riled at lack of focus on Mauresmo
Robson ‘champing at the bit’ as she plans her comeback Sharapova out to break the Williams curse
Spouse wars
Robson ‘champing at the bit’ as she plans her comeback Sharapova out to break the Williams curse
It’s no joke – blizzard halts Mercedes test for Hamilton
England get it in the neck yet again
Grateful Amir ready to return
Sturridge return to bolster Liverpool
McIlroy shines ahead of court case
The Sport Matrix
Murray roars into Aussie Open final
Club silence loose-lipped Mourinho over Costa charge
Rodgers: Liverpool will be tough to stop now that Sturridge is back
Olympic legacy cast into doubt as participation fi gures plummet

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