The Independent on Sunday - 26 Jul 2015

Table of content - The Independent on Sunday (26 Jul 2015)

It’s all downhill from here
Simply delicious!
Cameron fast- tracks the EU referendum to June
The New Review
Holiday heroes: We launch ‘ The Independent on Sunday’ annual travel awards
For better, for worse: Why more of us are signing pre- nuptial agreements
Home affair: England draw Scotland in Fifa World Cup as Wales get the Republic
I blame Ed: Labour shadow minister Jamie Reed on the party’s rampant delusion
Attacks on rail passengers at a 10- year high as unions blame staffing cuts
Arts & Books
Beelzebub, The New Review
Oh, aren’t we so very clever? Actually, yes
I would never quit Labour, says Kendall
Corbyn wins the Twitter and Facebook vote, but the unions
Prove harder to please
Rail staffing cuts blamed for rise in train crime
Apprentices on £ 2.73 an hour may miss out on Osborne’s living wage
Tory energy policy is taking Britain backwards, says Davey
Heroine or hero? Young readers can decide ...
Budge up, my Lords and Ladies: this House is running out of seats
University opens clearing before results
Ainslie goes full speed ahead for America’s Cup
Cricket fans are being ‘ screwed over’, claims new documentary
Zac Goldsmith the bookies’ favourite in Tories’ all- male mayoral shortlist
Foreign Office downgrades Iran travel warning
Judges call for action on Gaza blockade ship
Cuts batter the theatre stars of the Paralympics
On a wing and a prayer – a supersonic comeback
On a wing and a prayer – a supersonic comeback
How Concorde zoomed from boom to bust
Three cheers for those who make Britain smile
How to turn social media into a powerful fundraising tool
Saturday night at the feelies ... with smellovision too
In memory of an Angel – a place of her own
The myths of Dylan’s electric debut
The great holiday getaway comes to a standstill
Obama takes Kenya to task on corruption
Funeral but no closure
Hot competition
Patrick Cockburn
Woman sees her father bitten to death by shark
Sousse attack prompts new anti- terror laws
Anti- corruption drive claims provincial leader
Turkish raids break truce with Kurds
Saudis call ceasefire in Yemen to help delivery of aid
Sorrow mixed with fury: the mourners of Sandra Bland
Italian MP in gay rights hunger strike calls on Renzi to act now on civil partnerships
Cheap food wars heat up in Delhi
Greek crisis threatens 70 years of peace
Watchdog warns over risk to Donetsk
Amber Rudd must not let the anti- wind lobby decide policy
John Mullin
Rupert Cornwell
Fiona Sturges
Long goodbyes and the curse of lame- duckery
EU vote is best done quickly
Hands off our Emma, she’s Hampstead gold
The city’s pull is emptying rural England
The city’s pull is emptying rural England
Are we still drinking too much if it’s a nice bottle of merlot?
Ed’s era of magical fabulism is over
Vote for the candidate who doesn’t fear honesty
It’s too soon to put trust in Tehran
Two wheels good, everybody else bad ...
The Prize Crossword
The Concise Crossword
Last week’s solution
Solution for last Sunday
Ape expectations
Sail now on
Country house
View point
Keeping in touch with the relatives
Keeping in touch with the relatives
A grand folly in Brown's grounds
Coming soon: Your chance to nominate the best in travel
Don't think you can't see the world if you're blind
A grand folly in Brown's grounds
Fill your boost in 'Nash Vegas'
Lubber or old tar, you too can rule the waves
The cause may be good but the hard sell isn’t
The people’s pre- nups
Extreme selling
Travel sick
Don’t want to end up like Ben and Jen? Get a pre- nup
Don’t want to end up like Ben and Jen? Get a pre- nup
They call the homes ‘ affordable’ but the price remains much the same
Should we buy a new build and be landlords?
Barclays can’t rely on a revolving door to turn around its fortunes
Currency charges are raining on our place in the sun
Want to sell your home? It’s time to get inventive
Want to sell your home? It’s time to get inventive

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