The Independent on Sunday - 1 Mar 2015

Table of content - The Independent on Sunday (1 Mar 2015)

£ 2.20
Red alert: referee sends off the wrong player ... for the second time in a year
Don’t tell the big, bad wolf, but houses made of straw are the next big thing
Follow the Monet: on the trail of the Impressionists through the streets of Paris
Joan Smith on why young Britons are heading to join Islamic State in Syria
The murder of opposition leader Boris Nemtsov has left Russia in shock
Never can say goodbye: Jimmy Somerville, of the Communards, is back
Cooper calls for revolution in attitudes over child sex abuse
MPs’ plan to cut air pollution near schools rejected
How torture was used to foil UK jet bomb plot
‘ The world is much more dangerous than it has ever been’
Give us a chance to prove we’re green – Lib Dems
Labour goes on the attack over tuition fees
Government is accused of idling on new car technology
Tories set up roll of honour for MPs who hit the campaign trail
Bend it like Mourinho, says Campbell
Fashion that’s a bit like buying an Old Master
Ukip MEP shocks party by standing down as candidate in May election
‘ World’s oldest barmaid’ Dolly Saville dies at 100
Teenage cyclist dies in knife attack while riding with his friends
Two arrested, laptop found in search for Bristol teenager
BBC’s Nick Robinson to be treated for lung tumour
We can’t lose. There’s too much on the line
Families braced for delayed report into maternity deaths
Our woman in Beijing builds a new relationship
Search for the weird weed
Labour – give girls career advice before they’re 10
British values ‘ more than pictures of the Queen’
Toxic toy alert as 40 per cent fail safety tests
‘ A revolution is taking place about food’
Harvey’s Law to ensure pet owners told of road deaths
Italy’s hard- up nobles, inspired by ‘ Downton’, take paying guests
Hope for new West Bank city caught in a water war
The fight for Mosul will be a long and bloody affair
Moscow in shock over street murder
Palestine’s new city can finally open for business
Baghdad museum reopens after 12 years
Gunman given 15 years for Paris jewellery theft
Kurdish rebel leader calls for end to fighting
Syrian rebels call for support as they face attacks on three fronts
China’s wild panda numbers on the increase
Marchers in Cameroon condemn Boko Haram terror
Italian ‘ Downton’ – only € 650 a night
India’s economy ‘ about to take off’
The West will get nowhere without understanding Russia
Why politicians are not doing more to stem child abuse
A soldier’s humility is a lesson for the rest of us
The end is nigh – that’s why they are heading for Syria
Osborne could have £ 5bn stuck down his sofa
Greenish, but not green enough
Women, you’re so rubbish you must buy this ...
Courage is rare. True humility is even rarer
Zero inflation is great ( so long as you’re not in government)
Which MP will be flavour of the month?
Child abuse needs mandatory reporting
Another day, another brutal killing
My love of hot air reaches new heights
A taste of Wales on the cawl crawl in Carmarthenshire
You’ve been framed
Almond blossom and chic hotels in Palma de Mallorca
What your suitcase says about your state of mind
Claim money that’s yours in places you’d forgotten
You’re worse off every year – automatically
Sustainable housebuilding comes in from the cold
The financial pitfalls of the work- life balance
When we save a bank, the bonuses are our business
Our work- life balance has thrown our cash out of kilter
What are your rights if an adviser sold you a dummy?

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