The Independent on Sunday - 19 Oct 2014

Table of content - The Independent on Sunday (19 Oct 2014)

‘ Disabled are grateful, so work harder,’ says Tory
MPs challenge prosecutors on evidence in Murdoch case
City’s Aguero scores all four to defeat Spurs, but Chelsea win away and stay top
More than 100,000 march against austerity cuts
Silicon Valley’s egg- freezing ‘ perk’ is an insult to career women who want children
Charging British jihadists for treason will make it harder to catch terrorists
‘ No Western state would tolerate the death rate on Nepal’s mountains’
‘ It was more Streisand than De Niro’ – Sean Harris on his acting influences
Slow reaction of UN agencies has ‘ let down’ Ebola- stricken countries
Throw a street party and mix, councils told
‘ Tell voters the full story about migration and keep hysteria out
Of the debate’
Plan to charge jihadists with treason ‘ will not work’
Conduct of guides criticised as search for 65 climbers in Nepal goes on
Stoke readies for fight against Crewe, its HS2 rival
Staff cuts lead to increase in benefit fraud
Jack the Ripper ID hinges on a decimal point
Stop changing laws behind closed doors, say experts
New minicab law ‘ would put women at risk’
Shortage of fish ‘ stops poor from eating healthily’
‘ Disabled people work harder as they’re grateful for a job’
Health tourism clampdown ‘ puts public at risk’
Cancer drugs trial for when all else fails
Anni Dewani killer dies in South African jail
Dylan Thomas cheques are finally cashed in
Man’s body found on M5 near Exeter
Pickles ‘ rejects wind farms to win votes’
M& S Female has a new champion – a woman just like her
Fanfare for
‘ Now I fight discrimination against soldiers’
Flagship police policy descends into farce
MoD defends new CEO’s £ 500,000 pay
WHO missed ‘ the disaster of our times’
Pressure grows on police to find thousands of disappeared
City government agrees to meet pro- democracy leaders
Anger grows at Mexico’s missing
Families wait for kidnapped schoolgirls
Squabble over world’s largest emerald pushes value to £ 230m
Thai scholar may face jail for insulting king who died in 1605
‘ They poured water on, then electrified me’
Bishops block ‘ open’ gay guidelines
Film star politician released on bail
Ugandan rebels ‘ kill at least 23’ villagers
Giant ‘ sex- toy’ artwork attacked in Paris
One of world’s last white rhinos found dead
Coalition air strike hits IS- held gas facility
Hurricane cuts power as it sweeps across island
A bit of contrition would help, but they barely see a problem
A woman’s option to freeze her eggs should never be a job perk
Politicians dismiss New Puritans at their peril
We owe a debt to Lord Freud
Trapped in a bookshop? My idea of heaven
Boris’s boozing won’t win the puritan vote
Shareholders are the only ones who can heal capitalism now
Egg- freezing is no lunchtime pedicure
My proposal that could keep us in Europe
US succumbs to Ebola, the panic virus
When did Donald Trump become a statesman?
Make tracks on an epic adventure
Lonely Planet’s top spots for LGBT travellers
A slice of Austria’s cool and cultured capital
Watch the salmon run while you walk
The Museum of London’s
The Doctor Who Experience
York Dungeon
Are you ready for pensions to be set free?
High- street estate agents show they still have a place
Has Wall Street hit the wall for investors in the US?
A test of faith for investors as America turns off the taps
We expect the worst and then do nothing about it
Winners and losers as oil prices go in a new direction

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