The Age - 6 Jul 2015

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Terror diverts crime fight
Odd Spot
LNG row claims ‘mind-blowing’
Public schools lose out on federal cash
No matter which way referendum goes, Greece faces more pain
Hand gel behind toddler’s poisoning
Three painkillers for children recalled
Greek community braced for vote
No matter which way referendum goes, Greece faces more pain
Divided and on the brink
Missing teens may head to Victoria
House hit with petrol bombs
ALP dumps councillor over Mob link
Terror takes focus off Mafia in Australia, warns prosecutor
Metadata, the arrest, intercepts and me
Leaders suffer hit in popularity
Both Abbott and Shorten plumb new depths in leaders’ approval ratings
Record support for recognition of Indigenous people
Nation has ‘missed the global memo’ on childcare: report
Asia would see gay marriage law as decadent: Joyce
Poll backs call for focus on family violence
God, gays and marriage
The kids will be all right
Nation has ‘missed the global memo’ on childcare: report
ABC has support in blue-ribbon Liberal seats
Lambie: Keep donations out of shipping row
The two faces of the Abbott haters
Rare basking shark becomes a model specimen
Airlines at risk of cyber threats
Final siren for Phil Walsh
Hunt for killers after hotel stabbing
President ‘exploits’ pope’s visit for politics
PM rejects $930m claim as sabotage
Peace talks at risk of collapse after wave of FARC bombings
As the dust settles, it’s Battle Mountain indeed
President seizes emergency powers
Clinton says China hacking US computers
Syrian army, Hezbollah besiege city
Car bombs kill 11 people in capital
Suffering under weight of hardship and poverty
Beware complacency about the rise of China
Make way, I’m a winner
Online, speed rules
Privileged and greedy
A reasonable concern
Twisted priorities
A very sad event but . . .
Need for fair debate
A truly good man
Credit where it’s due
The right to speak out
A basic legal right
Possible, but unlikely
A tribute to Phil Walsh
DA, caught out at last
At last, the penny drops
God, gays and marriage: the view of the church
Exposed: the two faces of the Abbott haters
Conservatives can relax: the kids will be all right
Charismatic pianist studies the score
Wangaratta’s broad jazz canvas
New biography of rock’s ‘godfather’
Greek-Australian musical dynasty
Melbourne in a spin over simple, old-style Roman pizzas
Charismatic pianist studies the score
Moving exploration of home and history
Video work wins Indigenous prize
LNG row claims ‘mind-blowing’
First-home investors hit as loan curbs slow down borrowing
Receivers get a taste of the receiving end
Download cost too heroic
Air NZ seeks dogfight delay
Ross Gittins
Listen up, all you nervous nellies
LNG row claims ‘mind-blowing’ as companies take hard line
Air NZ seeks to delay US dogfight
Affinity been in G8 sights in the past
Data demand forces rethink: iiNet boss
Seven slams regionals TV’s ‘scare’ tactics
SCA buoyant as Hamish and Andy resume transmission
Broadcast television’s days are numbered: broadband expert
China moves to stem plunging sharemarket
Fatigues prepared soldier for pinstripes
Healthy business aims to stave off executive ills
Industrial gas users allege profiteering
Advisers divided on life sector reform
Digital advertiser Netccentric to list on ASX
Lenders punt for power to raise capital
How growth can make us worse off
Indian billionaire gives receivers a taste of the receiving end
Le Tour offers picture-perfect viewing
Wizard of Id
Non Sequitur
Saturday’s Sudoku
Missing Letters Today’s subject is girls’ names
This Way and That
Saturday’s quick
Saturday’s cryptic
Friday’s KenKen
Saturday’s Target:
Friday’s Wordwit:
Friday’s solution:
Friday’s solution:
Even after 94 years, there was always ‘just one more painting’
Why she told mothers to rock their babies
Today’s birthday
Red Bull sees light on hill
Victory seals spot for Rio
Double shows Gauci up to the task
Brazen Beau bookies’ pick
Schofield on move to Hong Kong
High hopes for Sistonic
Bravo! Goalie helps Chile to history
Storm back Smith amid outrage
Clubs close door on A-League pay talks
England nab third in cup
Dennis’ victory just the start of his race
Time is on his side and he knows how to climb mountains
Nick a ‘nice guy’: Gasquet
Federer survives Groth’s jet-propelled serve
Tomic split irreparable, says Newk
I’m shattered but England will have hands full with quicks
Cummins ready to step up: Lawson
Harris put body through hell before it finally caught up with him
I’m shattered but England will have hands full with quicks
Faulkner faces testing times, but will learn from his mistake
Tiger trio get job done on Roosters
Saints soar over sorry Bombers
Dockers down Brisbane despite chinks in armour
Saints soar over sorry Bombers
This moment could change football
The last word
Deledio weighs into spat over Greene spit
Crunch time for North
Dons’ woes may have flattered Saints
Hird can’t fix Bomber problems
Hunt says being called a ‘dobber’ harder to deal with than charges
Crows’ families also to fly to Perth
A band apart
Warner excuse ridiculous: Root
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A broken team
Defiant Hird digs in
Crows’ families to fly to Perth
Cut him some slack
‘Quicks will torment England’
A ‘pretty dirty’ act

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