The Independent - 4 Aug 2015

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The man who paid the price for City greed
Edward Heath was accused of child sex abuse
Is your office air-conditioning sexist? The hottest issue in gender politics
Evgeny Lebedev
‘Doping? It’s a joke’
Grace Dent
My naked cruise
The Corbyn fallacy
The first of many?
Artists on road to nowhere with streamed music
Biggest graduate recruiter to ignore degree results
The coal war: US states to rebel over Obama initiative
Disabling awkwardness
Will they, won’t they? 10 Premier League mysteries
Treasury begins RBS sale
Chinese whispers
Michael McCarthy
Ellen E Jones
Sam Wallace
Dave Brown
here is a war in Africa. It does not always make the headlines, but it is brutal and bloody
Critical disclaim: new prize for unfairly reviewed show
Fall of an obsessive who orchestrated ‘biggest banking crime in history’
A 14-year sentence for Libor trader, but is rigging still going on?
Treasury begins RBS sales
NHS hospitals told not to fill vacancies as cash crisis bites
Only 1% of consultants ‘opt out’ of weekend work
Record companies ‘hiving off streaming fees’
If your office is too cold for you, blame the air conditioning – it’s sexist
Rumours always swirled about Heath’s sexuality. I’m sure that’s all they were
Police to revisit abuse allegation against former PM
Edinburgh Fringe turns the tables on poorly informed critics who fail to get the joke
What’s wrong with bypassing the banks and putting the cash in people’s pockets?
The architect of Corbynomics fights back: our critics are absurd and naive
What’s wrong with bypassing the banks and putting the cash in people’s pockets?
Hard-left caricatures are not fair or right
Burnham says he will help part-time workers
Philosophy and ethics replace religious education in Wales
Government to investigate unintended effects of new ‘supercharged’ genetic modification
Web is a ‘Wild West’ for kids, says Cerys Matthews
Britain to send 100 extra guards to tackle Calais crisis
The dog and ducks
Milk cleared from shop shelves in price protest
Tube and train strikes to go ahead
We don’t care about applicants’ degrees, says accountancy giant
EY says its policy ‘will open up opportunities for people regardless of their background’
Cilla Black may have died from fall after ‘dizzy spell’
Jerry Hall: women are weak about ageing
London museums top world’s most-searched list
Law firm paid £1.3m to advise UK on ‘worst ever nuclear deal’
President puts Kenya at forefront of Africa’s battle against poachers
RAF Tornado squadron to be kept in service until 2017 to target Isis
‘We only get one planet’
Roman baths
Israel’s ‘Jewish terror’
Matador no more
Temple trouble
Obama’s legacy will be written in history
‘There is no plan B’: Obama takes on the coal sector
Roman baths? Pope provides Vatican showers
Jury refuses Colorado killer’s bid to escape execution
Outcry after Israel extends detention without trial to Jewish citizens
Spain’s cape-twirling toreadors could soon be run out of town
Beach reopens as Saudi King quits French villa in ‘fury’ at global headlines
China’s kung fu temple rocked by sex and embezzlement scandal
Retailers agree to ban sales of realistic toy guns
Gulf states welcome Iranian nuclear deal
The time when every Saturday night was a date with Cilla...
What’s wrong with wanting to be mates with Holden Caulfield?
Restoring natural habitats is expensive, but worth every penny
Corbyn is the obvious choice for Labour
Nude awakening
Sole survivor
Awkward squad
Pet detectives
Ironside’s dilemma
Virginia says...
Readers say...
A winning mix of parenting and partying
This is the Women’s Institute, Jak – soup and a sandwich simply will not do
Graham’s ‘NicPic’ looked more like a dessert than a starter, but at least the WI connection was readily apparent
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Concise crossword
Cryptic crossword
Word Wheel
Word Ladder
Maths Puzzle
Yesterday’s solution
‘Painfully wounded, he refused to be delayed by any medical attention,’ read his MC citation
Osborne pushes button on sale of taxpayer stake in RBS
HSBC will be a smaller fish in a much bigger pond. It will be fascinating to see how it copes with that
Greek slide
Better late than never
Michael Howard
Fire the engines
Athens stock market plunges on reopening
Manufacturing still drags growth
Emirates raises offer for explorer Dragon
Agnellis win £4.4bn battle for PartnerRe
Investor puts its money on Suzuki in India
German trio team up to buy Nokia’s map app
Lancaster set to bet big on Burgess for World Cup
Guardiola backs Pedro to shine at Old Trafford
Heineken trusts James Bond to deliver
SFO to probe Howard firm’s payments to Somali regime
Era of fee-free investing could be ending soon
Drop in car sales points to weaker June growth
Top rent secured for lump of Sugar Building
Outlook James Moore
Market Report
Activist investor to push for seat on Rolls-Royce board
Canadian nuclear contract raises new hopes
Peaty ends 40-year wait for gold in the 100m breaststroke
Opener Lyth backed by selectors while pitch shows signs of pace
Rooney to run Beijing 400m in his own right
Sam Wallace
Armstrong whistle-blower fails testosterone test
Watson beaten by wild card in Washington
Lancaster set to bet big on Burgess
Lancaster set to bet big on Burgess
Delayed return puts North’s World Cup place in doubt
The Sterling conundrum and other questions
The Sterling conundrum and other questions
Guardiola backs Pedro to shine at Old Trafford
Ronaldo: I don’t give a f**k about Fifa and Qatar
Sam Wallace Talking Football
Terry: watching Arsenal lift the trophy was ‘horrible’
‘Our mentality in big games is much better’
Wickham is the latest to join big-spending Palace
Valencia injury could prompt Jimenez loan
Foxes boost squad with French reinforcements
The ‘joker’ whose legacy is anything but funny
Q&A: What next for a sport in the midst of a doping crisis?
‘The thought of medals being redistributed is just a farce’
Clarke steps down... (on his way to the nets)
Doping allegations are a joke, insists outgoing athletics chief
Oxlade dismisses Keane’s Arsenal ‘selfie’ slur
‘I don’t care’

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