The Independent - 1 Aug 2015

Table of content - The Independent (1 Aug 2015)

Virginia McKenna: could good come of Cecil’s death?
Britain’s doctors to Jeremy Hunt: it’s war!
Howard Jacobson
For whom Bell toils
Soul revels
Having a laugh
A sporting tale
Janet Street-Porter
Mary Dejevsky
Grace Dent
Boyd Tonkin
John Walsh
The wrong medicine
Gullible nation
Alice Jones
On the list
A sinking ship...
Obama and me
The middle ground
Word gets around
Great Britain
Jokers in the pack
Once, or twice, in a blue moon
Not a day passes where I do not regret marrying him and becoming a victim of his physical abuse
Vaccine trial brings hope of an end to Ebola
Weekend opt-out is stumbling block
Doctors declare war on Hunt over weekend working ‘myths’
1am asleep. 3am with a patient. 6pm home
‘What is fun about death and the killing of a beautiful creature?’
‘What is fun about death and the killing of a beautiful creature?’
Lion killer ‘must return to Zimbabwe to face justice’
The facts: migrant myths that inflate the crisis
Pressure builds on Osborne to divulge meetings with Murdoch
Rupert always likes to back a winner
Solved (271 years later): the mystery of Britain’s worst naval disaster
Kids Company founder ‘horrified’ by abuse claims
Drugs warning after man dies at music festival
Petting zoo at the DH Lawrence centre? That’s taboo
Aid workers took bribes to win UN contract – and buy homes in London
Four killed as private jet crashes into car auction
Morrissey claims guard groped him at airport
Two guilty of killing off-duty policeman
‘Ugly duckling’ British Library turns into swan with award of highest listed status
Exhibition shows Gaza artist’s tributes to child war victims – smuggled out by Jon Snow
Eden Project voted UK’s top landmark
Corbyn alliance with Boris may kill Heathrow third runway
The party modernisers know they need to get rid of the toxic ‘Blair’ brand to regain influence
Where’s DJ Derek? Bristol baffled by the disappearance of its unlikely music legend
New hope for Ebola eradication after successful trials of vaccine
Ai Weiwei granted six-month UK visa
The Litvinenko inquiry is over – but we may never know if Putin ordered killing
Woman speaks of horror after ex-husband kills her mother
Interest balloons
The hunting of the snark: why Gawker has been forced to change its celebrity-mocking tone
The yellow press: Lib Dems go from power to publishing
Man, 20, dies after falling down chimney
‘Gulls aren’t nasty – just more confident and numerous’
Justice delayed? Bad King John finally gets his day in court
Survival guide
Victim of the settlers’ hatred
Nagasaki 70 years on
The hunt for ‘El Chapo’
Obama’s key voter
‘Children were crying’
‘The Israeli government is directly responsible for this hate’
Who are the radical rabbis inspiring Israel’s most violent Jewish settlers?
Another surfer foils shark attack with fists
Tsipras on Varoufakis: you can question his taste in shirts, but not his honesty
The voter Obama tried hardest to keep onside
Soprano, 23
‘There were children screaming and women praying’
Taliban rift as Mullah Omar’s son refuses to back successor
Manhunters who caught Escobar are put on the scent of ‘El Chapo’
Despite CCTV in his cell, El Chapo escaped through a tunnel
Exploitation row scuppers businessman’s award
New railway line cuts through national park
State of emergency extended after Sousse
‘I saw people so injured you couldn’t tell if they were dead or alive’
President seeks to extend his 30-year rule
Would-be robber finds the service is terrible
Not guilty pleas for church shooting suspect
Team of 164 skydivers claims new world record
Janet Street-Porter
Satya Nadella
Alice Jones
Howard Jacobson
We have centuries of evidence that the British propertied classes love nothing better than to squander their family wealth in arcane and ruinous legal tussles
Another Voice
Breakfast, the meal that’s eating lunch and dinner and it’s still got room for dessert
Consultation skewed against the BBC
Howard Jacobson
While Microsoft’s founders spend their billions, the once-invincible tech company’s new boss is trying to save it. By The man to clean up for Windows?
Barrick sells $1bn copper mine stake
Since 2007, the total debt of the world’s big economies has increased, not decreased
Oil dips
US Outlook
Hold up
Money Saving Expert
Martin Lewis cashes in £25m shares
BG joins oil price casualties as profits slide 65 per cent
RBS share sell-off could be launched next week
Former Anglo Irish Bank executives are jailed
Short-sellers line up to bet against Tesco
Lloyds bullish, but PPI casts a long shadow
Balfour Beatty gets nod for new nuclear plant
Vlieghe severs link with hedge fund firm
Embattled Afren goes into administration
Das Capital Satyajit Das
Market Report
Since 2007, the total debt of the big economies has increased, not decreased
Take AIM, fire! The former armed robber unmasked as oil firm’s boss
Andrew Dewson US Outlook
Dying wish is overturned: what now for will power?
The People’s Champion
In The Red
The Analyst
Questions of Cash
Boyd Tonkin on inheritance
Simon Read The People's Champion
History tells investors to keep their nerve when headlines scream ‘crisis’
Bargain Hunter
Which deal is cheapest for armchair football fans?
Cost of care outstrips pensioner incomes
Our life’s contribution to the country – £734,240
Personal injury claims jack up car premiums
Beware of the ‘free’ service offered by banks
Young people know they should switch – but don’t
Crowdfunding has come to the kitty
Money Insider
Bypass bears and take the right road to China
I want a refund on my TV licence payments but they’ve turned my claim into a soap opera
Welcome to Chez Murray, where rain doesn’t stop profits
Concise crossword
Prize cryptic crossword
Prize jumbo general knowledge crossword

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