The Independent - 6 Jul 2015

Table of content - The Independent (6 Jul 2015)

Greek ‘No’ plunges Europe into crisis
Brits to the fore!
From schools to the security services, how Britain has changed since the day terror was unleashed on London
The Noes have it
Europe reacts
What happens next
Penalty without remedy
Wondrous place
Two die from lightning strikes in Wales
Corbyn wins backing of UK’s biggest union
Surge in tax revenue cuts billions off deficit
Your guide to Magic Monday at Wimbledon
New voice of an old Jamaican art
Inside the Isis Hunting Club
Fashion finally gets its app together
Evel Economakis, I am hanging on your every word
Economically, it’s what we expect that really counts
Serena v Venus will be power against finesse
The Monday Cartoon
BBC to foot bill for free TV licences for over-75s
They could get rid of medical timeouts, for sure.... there’s no reason for a toilet break to last 10 minutes
What unites the Yes camp and the No camp: they both want to be European
Tsipras thanks Greeks for ‘very brave choice’ to vote No
What unites the Yes camp and the No camp: they both want to be European
Compromise may still emerge but this is a terrifying high-risk gamble
Eurozone holds out an olive branch of more negotiation
Eagle eye on bird numbers
Unite backs Corbyn for Labour leader in new blow to Burnham
Ethnic segregation increasing in British schools
Osborne’s tax credit cuts ‘will affect millions of children’
Benefits cap reduced to £20k for families outside London
BBC may be allowed to charge for iPlayer to cover funding cuts
Warning of ‘life-long trauma’ for people who have weight-loss surgery
Murray takes time out to make break point
Youngsters advised to ‘sell themselves’ more on social media in order to impress employers
Two dead from lightning strikes in Brecon Beacons
Isis girl mocks the victims of Sousse
After 27 years in Britain, father faces deportation for two ‘stupid crimes’
Forth Bridge is Scotland’s sixth World Heritage Site
Journalist Lloyd-Roberts finds stem-cell donor
Charlotte christened with water from River Jordan
Comet’s battered surface ‘more hospitable to micro-organisms than Earth’s polar regions’
British team discovers ‘hidden monsters’ of space
End of an era: Lionel Richie at No 1 as charts move to Fridays
He told her about it, but no one else
All spruced up and ready to inspire the leaders of tomorrow
A smoking haute couture collection from Versace
How a 170-year-old ‘Leaf’ provoked a hunt for the world’s first photographer
Thousands of show birds ‘stolen to order’
Service to mark 10th anniversary of 7/7 attack
‘Worrying lack of support’ for dementia sufferers
The international brigade
Topping Trump
Through the wire
What’s in a name?
Glass half full
‘I don’t like to see these guys leaving home to come here and be killed’
Egypt issues list of names to call Isis
Defence force unveils new long-range radar
Hot-dog eating champion beaten after eight years
Space station crew gets long-awaited supplies
Unesco recognises the ‘exceptional value’ of a glass of red Burgundy
Jeb Bush: Trump’s immigrant remarks are ‘ugly’
No hope and no jobs, so Gaza’s young risk their lives and run for it
Douglas grande dame dies
Radicalisation becomes possible as people get secluded in small networks of like-minded friends
Joseph Charlton
Matthew Norman
Charity row highlights neglect of children
Ten years after the terror attacks, is Britain an altered state?
Couture, not hauteur
Respecting the dread
Applied to style
Jarrar’s clothes are about the here and now. ‘Une couture moderne... une couture d’aujourd’hui’
Your name may be on the label, but it doesn’t mean a job for life
How the chief executive of Hearst is reinventing ‘Cosmo’ for a new generation
Strong opinion goes too far if it seeks to silence those who oppose it
The questions to be asked post-BBC3
‘Sun’ still shines for Brooks at News Corp
TV rarely offers real insight into human emotion. This does, and it’s heartbreaking
This drama to mark the tenth anniversary of the 7/7 bombings was almost unbearably sad
The weekend’s TV Ellen E Jones
Codeword #951
Concise crossword #8961
Cryptic crossword #8962
Sudoku #4694
Maths Puzzle
When a monkey he carried to entertain children scratched him, he charged it with striking a superior officer
Faster growth to cut billions off deficit as tax revenues surge
£35m John Lewis for Birmingham
Will the emergency Budget tackle a genuine emergency: £32bn of late payments?
If you’ve seen riches, it’s harder to accept poverty
David Prosser’s Small Talk
Union firebrands battle for leading GMB role
Puzzle Solutions
Tunisia protests over HSBC money-laundering case
China share-buying plan aims to stop crash
Competition watchdog to clear energy ‘Big Six’
Dearth of flights to Bric nations could cost £31bn
It’s not whether we’re rich or poor, but what we expect that really counts
Royal Mail sell-off advisers miss out on millions in fees
Week Ahead
The Budget provides a chance to address a £32bn problem: late payments

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