The Independent - 29 May 2015

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Europe to Blatter: quit – or we boycott World Cup
Libyan PM: if the EU uses force to tackle smugglers, we will fight back
The long goodbye
Cher: the muse
Isabel Hardman
David Thomas
Jeremy Laurance
Paul Scholes
Paying the piper
University challenged
Friends of L’Oréal heiress jailed for stealing fortune
Band Aid studio’s bitter tears
McIlroy is blown off course in Irish Open
A disaster flick with clear fault lines
Chocolate weight-loss tale too sweet to be true
Backlash against Dimon over ‘lazy investors’ jibe
A mountain for Yasmin to climb
Frank Warren
Daisy Wyatt
Samuel Muston
Dave Brown
The sculpture of two lovers [at St Pancras station] is a terrible, schmaltzy, sentimental piece of kitsch
$ 850m
Funerals delayed by dementia safeguards
At last he spoke – and in perfect Blatterese, the slipperiest of dialects
‘Look Sepp, for the future of Fifa, I’m here to ask you to leave, to resign’
A 161-page dossier that exposed Fifa’s dark heart
How Blatter buys support by investing Fifa’s millions in Africa
Universities should ‘ditch degree ratings for point scores’
First female vice-chancellor for Oxford
Chocolate weight-loss story too sweet to be true
Cameron out of step with other European leaders
Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds died because those people were not brought to justice
‘Northern Ireland paramilitary serial killers protected by state’
Funerals delayed by ‘complicated’ dementia safeguards
Time to overshadow ‘schmaltzy’ St Pancras lovers
Time to overshadow ‘schmaltzy’ St Pancras lovers
Jihadi schoolgirls in Syria tell families they are safe – for now
Three-quarters of supermarket chickens carry lethal bacteria
No little skull involved…
BBC Trust rejects ‘Top Gear’ complaints
Law gets tough on legal highs
Smoking ban shown to have benefited children
Band Aid studio’s bitter tears over neighbours’ basement plans
Not just cool for cats – web news platform BuzzFeed plans a flotation
It provides compelling evidence for the origins of modern Eurasians
First migration: out of Africa via northern Egypt
Labour’s funding deficit – even before new laws to curb union donations
The Scottish play
‘We should value entrepreneurs’: Burnham takes road to the right
Galloway throws hat in ring for London mayor
Labour’s funding deficit – even before new laws to curb union donations
Leaders of ultra-Orthodox Jewish group threaten to ban women from driving
Amputee left housebound after benefits blunder
Harris-Quinney: a voice the Tories would rather not hear
Most men change voice when tradesmen visit
Methodist Church sorry for decades of abuse
If Europe thinks bombing boats will stop smuggling, it will not. We will defend ourselves
Only the young
Fortune-hunters jailed
Barefaced censorship
Nebraska chooses life
Dalai Lama urges Suu Kyi to protect Rohingya
Hay particles cause holes in cheese, say scientists
Mistaken shipment of anthrax ‘not human error’
Festival-goers unwittingly burn ancient artefacts
L’Oréal billionaire’s friends found guilty of exploiting her senility to steal her fortune
Sicilian votes worth every penne… they cost the same as pasta
Abbott paves way for same-sex marriage reform in Australia
Conservative state that saw the folly in capital punishment
Abbott paves way for same-sex marriage reform in Australia
Japan’s shrunken rural towns urge young to leave rat race and move in
Mining billionaire loses control of family trust
‘Humour under attack’ in China as artist faces jail for insulting premier
Senior Isis leader speaks in occupied Ramadi
Putin makes peacetime troop deaths a secret
The cure for the NHS is less hypochondria and more stoicism
The Labour Party seems to have found a pretty good leader already
So lots of us change our voices for tradesmen. Wossatallabaht?
I’ve seen the future of the media – crass, sexist, bigger than Beckham
EU exit would be disaster for expats
The long goodbye
Small steps
Geoffrey Macnab
The simple life
Marc et Cher
By the time Chandler arrived in the city in 1913, the myth of orange groves and tropical foliage was wearing thin
By the time Chandler arrived in the city in 1913, the myth of orange groves and tropical foliage was wearing thin
A day of la dolce vita dining at an Italian piazza... in London
Boom time for Scottish seaside towns; owners want to be green and stylish; tidy gardens pay
Embrace the sunshine, at home or away
A disaster flick with clear fault lines
Love him or hate him, car shows seem underpowered without Jeremy Clarkson
Goodbye girl Guillem doesn’t put a foot wrong
Inside Television
Codeword #919
Concise crossword #8929
Cryptic crossword #8930
Sudoku #4662
Maths Puzzle
Word Wheel
Word Ladder
Yesterday’s solution
Backlash against Dimon over his ‘lazy’ shareholder complaints
The whole industry thrives on volatility, because it is volatility that excites the punters
Trouble for Tesco
Backing a winner
Discount DIY
A lot of bottle
Discount retail is digging in as B&M buys 12 B&Q stores
Puzzle Solutions
Competition watchdog to review RBS sell-off
Moto set to go on the road with £1.1bn sale
Sweet turns sour as profit plunges at Tate & Lyle
Credit taps open again for small businesses
Group planning to sue Tesco bring in top commercial lawyer Marshall
Google goes all-out to rival Apple
Reliance on imports harms UK growth
Broker ‘was offered $100,000 to fix Libor’
Outlook James Moore
Market Report
Thirst for luxury: who would pay £250 for a bottle of spirits?
Das Capital Satyajit Das
In may be that low interest rates and QE cannot be reversed easily, if at all
McIlroy veers off course at his home event as he cards an 80
Unhappy Robinson set to stay at Bristol
Watson: indiscipline is costing Salford dearly
Contador increases lead as Gilbert wins stage
Heysel disaster: Remembering the tragedy, 30 years on
Murray shrugs off umpire’s warnings – and Sousa
Khan’s audition for Mayweather may turn into a no-win situation
England’s Aluko hopes finally to copy Rooney
McGregor header gifts Rangers a late lifeline
Mertesacker credits yoga for helping him get back to best
Preston fan’s three-year ban for assaulting Evatt
Hernandez suspended for the start of next season
Manager Sheridan leaves by mutual consent
Liverpool have seen too much tragedy to forget Heysel
‘We had to get out... the sky was filled by stones, bottles, sticks and rubble’
Paul Scholes
Goals of the season
Benitez to leave Napoli with Real waiting
Manager of the season
Breakthrough player of the season
Biggest disappointment
Best atmosphere
It is very saddening, very saddening to hear and know these things have taken place
It must fall to me to uphold responsibility for the well-being of the organisation
The effrontery of Sepp Blatter is astonishing. Nothing to do with him, says the man in charge
It’s not easy to tell a friend that he must leave. I’m saying this with tears in my eyes
England must beware reaching for the sky
In adversity, Cook and his players have shown themselves a team of fighters
The substance and style of the performance said much about the side’s character
McIlroy misery: Rory shoots an 80 at the Irish Open
Heysel tragedy remembered How the disaster is viewed 30 years after 39 fans lost their lives
Murray through Scot survives test to reach third round in Paris

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