The Independent - 27 Apr 2015

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‘Please pray for us’
What the latest Rich List tells us about the state of modern Britain
New iron curtains
Job done, Chelsea
Tom Sturridge
Stamp duty gamble
Nepal’s hour of need
Now for the tourism aftershock
The shocks kept on coming
Disaster waiting to happen
On the mountain of death
Cap in hand
A friend in need
Carver: Newcastle must protect me from fans
A long history of behaving badly
Name changer: Sarkozy faces fresh opposition
North-South gap widens in personal insolvencies
The fringe benefits of changing fashions
On the campaign trail with Jacob Rees-Mogg
Are you sitting fashionably?
David Blanchflower
Ellen E Jones
Robert Fisk
The Monday Cartoon
Reclining standards? Chair row at National Trust
You will never completely get over it; that’s the bad news. The good news is you will learn to deal with it
Doctors forced to operate in tents as hospitals are overwhelmed – and shocks keep coming
Quake’s power was equivalent to 20 atomic bombs
‘I managed to dig myself out using my hands like claws. I could not breathe’
‘I managed to dig myself out using my hands like claws. I could not breathe’
Kingdom will be devastated by loss of foreign revenue
Ancient wisdom that can teach us how to deal with binge drinkers
East London schoolgirl tweets picture of her Syrian takeaway
Labour would abolish stamp duty to get first-time buyers on the ladder
Cameron defends his lacklustre campaign after attacks
Sturgeon says Labour will ‘change its tune’ on election deal
How to form a government from a hung parliament
Roll up, roll up – it’s the Ed and Boris verbal jousting show
No.13 Majorities
Ultimate Tory Boy revels in status as rebel with so many causes
How the rich keep on getting richer in divided Britain
Pressure grows on Saunders after more revelations in Janner case
Feelings run high as Radcliffe signs off
Ofsted social work inspections ‘outdated’, says report
Billions have no access to basic surgery, says report
Bacon self-portraits rediscovered
Reclining standards? National Trust beanbag plan causes historic hoo-ha
Winehouse family condemn film about late singer
It is still possible to give the bright, less privileged child a leg-up to a better life
The James Ashton Interview
Trial of ‘Dark Knight’ killer opens
Sarkozy’s name game
Howls of dissent
Strip teasers
Deaf to mercy pleas
‘I was having nightmares and I was angry at God’
Government air strikes on town seized by al-Nusra
Nigeria recalls diplomats over xenophobic attacks
Spanish voters discover naked truth about their politicians
In these shoes?
French centre-right in revolt over Sarkozy’s Républicains
Putin’s bikers start European rally as diplomats try to bar their way
Mercy pleas pour in to Indonesian President as executions draw near
Saudis attack cities in spite of ceasefire
Third-term violence
Twelve arrested for alleged Isis terror plots
Cameron is now the Tony Soprano of political sincerity
On an Istanbul street, have I just witnessed a positive step in history?
We are no longer in thrall to very rich people
Teachers’ morale has never been lower
Section 27.04.2015 2 THE BIG READ
On the fringe?
Hardy perennial
Designer lifestyle
New direction
Designer exhibitions enthral and educate, but above all, they sell
It’s flirty and playful
I think I have a thing about grabbing crotches at tense moments
How a serviceable costume drama became a Sunday night swoon-fest
Concise crossword
Cryptic crossword
Maths Puzzle
They were each carrying a bag of gold sovereigns, a revolver, a commando dagger and a cyanide pill
Festival fever cheers economy to the tune of £1bn
North-South gap widens in personal insolvencies
David Prosser’s Small Talk
David Blanchflower
British arms firms improve ethics
The problem for the Tories is that their economic plan has failed
Week Ahead
Volkswagen head loses power struggle
The crowdfunding industry has had three years of dramatic growth

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