The Independent - 31 Mar 2015

Table of content - The Independent (31 Mar 2015)

Secret ballot: Cameron and Miliband accused of hiding their cuts
University ‘becoming mouthpiece for fossil fuel industry’
The pop sensation tortured by his past
My seven-point plan to save Greece
From Soweto to the new Jon Stewart
I know it’s silly but I still think I’m 28
Don’t be afraid of the homophobes!
My enemy’s enemy?
Put to sleep
Royal shock: the staff are revolting
Tears and bullying at RSA’s Irish unit
Israel and Saudi Arabia edge closer to alliance
Don’t panic! Hodgson turns to Jones
Greece: what should happen next
Cameron kicks off in Chippenham
Her memory keeps us both strong
Isabel Hardman
Sam Wallace
Ellen E Jones
Dave Brown
Mob drugs were hidden on the Costa Concordia
Climate-change sceptic to set up university’s new energy institute
Litvinenko poison suspect allowed to give evidence
Keep anonymity in sex offences, says prosecutor
Man dies trying to save brother from Tube train
The staff are revolting: Queen faces ballot on pay
‘Is it really the priority to give wealthy pensioners free bus passes?’
They’re changing guard at Buckingham Palace... maybe
We don’t endorse Miliband, say firms quoted in advert
Cameron: ‘I don’t claim that I am the perfect Prime Minister’
Norovirus forces Clegg to canvass hedgehogs and toddlers but not many voters
Lib Dems
Andy McSmith’s Election Diary
Beat the bookies and clean up from the meltdowns on election day
‘Keep it balanced,’ BBC staff are told
Anglo-Saxon potion is so potent it kills MRSA superbug
British couple found shot at Spanish home
How much you earn ‘may affect growth of your child’s brain’
Free nursery places ‘reap no benefit’ in long term
Staff at welfare-to-work company conned taxpayer out of £300k
Egyptian relic gets export ban
Men’s fertility badly affected by eating fruit with pesticides
Curator calls for time limit on returning Nazi looted art
The bed hasn’t changed but Emin has: she makes hers every day
Love of dance informed my theology, says bishop
Nuclear deal pushes Saudi Arabia and Israel into unlikely alliance
Family tragedy
Sunken treasure
Blogger murder
New kid on the block
As the nuclear talks go on, the issues that could yet scupper an agreement
Netanyahu lines up with Saudis’ Sunni bloc against ‘expansionist’ Iran
Daily Show gambles on South African outsider to replace Jon Stewart
‘Shipment of Mob drugs’ was hidden aboard stricken Concordia cruise liner
45 killed as air strike hits refugee camp by mistake
British man admits plot to set up al-Qaeda camp
Drunken man gives kiss of life to rubber dinghy
Fears of fresh violence in Nigeria as election goes down to the wire
Three generations from same family killed in Alps crash
Second Bangladeshi blogger hacked to death in the street
How did the Coalition ever manage to work together so harmoniously?
Most people thought that if it did survive to the end, there would be more fights
Now’s your chance to rumble a bumblebee
His conversation could switch from the Albigensian Heresy to the Jerusalem Artichoke
Nature Studies Michael McCarthy
The voters’ favourite: None of the Above
How to fix Greece
Acting class
Virginia Ironside
Super tramp
Cutting up rough
Virginia says...
Readers say...
The Flood as domestic drama is all very well, but not if the heavenly spectacle is missing
Apparently, the Beeb’s special-effects budget wouldn’t stretch to an epic shot of the animals marching in two-by-two
Concise crossword
Cryptic crossword
Maths Puzzle
Word Wheel
Word Ladder
Serco sells Australian rail unit
The legal claims are likely to be flying in quicker than the Batplane on a moonless night in Gotham
The blame game
Satyajit Das
Moving on
Probation cull
Probation service faces job cuts under Sodexo
Sterling returns for Compass
Puzzle Solutions
Uncertainty for investors if Conservatives win
Beazley agrees deal with Korean Re
Lending up to £600m in February
The first lady of high street banks
BoE stress tests to focus on Asia and the eurozone
‘Chairman of the bored’ Cullinan quits RBS
Prada profits trimmed by fall in Asian sales
Payouts for complaints cost firms £2.4bn
Marshall motors towards AIM with £115m value
Outlook James Moore
Market Report
Tears, bullying and playing the blame game at RSA’s Irish unit
Das Capital Satyajit Das
Dyson tries to clean up in Asia
Revenues have reduced sharply, making it difficult to service debt
We didn’t expect Ferrari to overtake us yet, admits Wolff
Williams sisters tighten vice-like grip on Miami
Sam Wallace
Hull KR’s Green will miss derby after charge
Quins coup as they sign Scotland winger Visser
Old Father Time clean bowled by a fast blower
I’m gay in a macho world, but I won’t allow the bullies to win
Liverpool ready to cash in on Sterling as talks over deal stall
Sam Wallace Talking Football
Spirited England fight back to beat Germans
Lafferty looks a changed man as finals become a realistic goal
Rooney keeps Kane’s feet on ground for Italian test
‘It’s a fairy tale for Harry at the moment’
‘Bobby asked Gazza to pick up Matthäus and Gazza went: who’s he?’
What happened when I met my homophobic Twitter abuser...
Hodgson to experiment with Jones in midfield holding role
Sterling stand-off

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