The Independent - 26 Nov 2014

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The war on Facebook
Meet the converts to a very British revolution
‘Michael Brown was killed in Ferguson, Missouri, because he’s black’
Next time, David Mellor, target White Van Dan
Join our campaign to change lives
How Labour will beat this insurgent party
No safe place
Too quick to shoot
NHS told to end ‘evils’ of institutionalised care
New blow for Tesco as shareholders sue
Murdered boy’s parents to sue two police forces
Putin courts Europe’s far-right parties
Amazing Aguero is City’s hat-trick hero
Forget yoga, colour yourself happy
Chilling out in Cuba’s Shangri-La
Tunisia’s Jasmine Revolution confronts the Arab Winter
Finally we are being grown up about teaching children
Well done, Tristram Hunt. Top of the class
∂∂ I’ve been in the Cabinet. I am an award-winning broadcaster. I’m a Queen’s Counsel ΣΣ
Hunt’s old school accuses him of ‘offensive bigotry’
How MI5 latched on to – and then lost – the man who later murdered Lee Rigby
Wikipedia founder compares May’s plan to Stasi
Heavy drinkers can ask for pill to help cut down
Gangs monitor trafficked women on webcams
NHS report: the ‘evils’ of institutional care must end
Voyeur doctor set up toilet cameras network
Hunt on the defensive after taking his children to A&E
First came a mother’s tears, then the rage of a community
Brown verdict ignites racial tensions that divide America
First came a mother’s tears, then the rage of a community
The sad truth is that Michael Brown was killed because he was a black man
Chomsky shares platform with Assange
Save The Children staff furious over ‘legacy’ award for Tony Blair
Head of Hunt’s old school accuses him of ‘offensive bigotry’
‘The Mekon’ thinks Dan Dare tactics would knock Civil Service into shape
Head of Hunt’s old school accuses him of ‘offensive bigotry’
You got a culture in which no one cares. ‘Oh we’ve lost another £50m… well, these things happen’
Drifting and forgotten: turning lives around for ex-soldiers
Drifting and forgotten: turning lives around for ex-soldiers
Murdered boy’s mother plans to sue police forces
The mystery of the disappearing income tax receipts
A turkey to keep abreast of the times
It’s milk but not as we know it – Coke ‘premiumises’ the white stuff
Finally we are being grown up about teaching our children
Watchdog rejects universal credit value claim
Met returns illegally held mobile phone records
Metallica to headline Reading festival
Meet the new Greens: from recent converts to old radicals
Meet the new Greens: from recent converts to old radicals
Waste your vote on the Green Party – or choose a green Labour government
Labour view
New exotic carnivorous plant discovered... in Kew Gardens
Matthew Norman
Another career suicide on Twitter
Andy McSmith
Putin funding Europe’s far-right
Hitting a discordant note
El Niño’s long-term harm
El Mitty under fire
Tunisia’s brave world
France holds €1bn warships from Russia
‘Russia feels isolated. It is going back to its instinctive conservatism’
Spain’s young Walter Mitty may face prosecution after ‘gatecrashing king’s party’
Farc rebels free two captured soldiers
Pope Francis seeks to inspire ‘haggard’ Europe
PM’s air force attacks rival-held Tripoli airport
El Niño storms linked to stunted growth in Peruvian children
Female suicide bombers kill 30 at busy market in Nigeria
Tunisia sparked the Arab Spring, but can it withstand the jihadis’ return?
President shuns Israeli crooner over Arab ‘scum’ song
President shuns Israeli crooner over Arab ‘scum’ song
Intense bombing in Isis-held city kills 15
Cosby biographer sorry for omitting assault claims
Aren’t we all part of a terrorist threat?
Section 26.11.2014 2 THE BIG READ
A taste of rebellion
Behind the music
Hunt-ing Eton
Green revolution
The Hunt is on for private school privileges – and now I can see why
Should I be concerned about a trip to Turkey in February?
Mike Leigh’s face wouldn’t look out of place in a Mike Leigh film
Leigh described a childhood in Salford that was loving, but marked by ‘terrible screaming matches’
Codeword #762
Concise crossword #8772
Cryptic crossword #8773
Sudoku #4597
Maths Puzzle
Word Wheel
Word Ladder
Yesterday’s solution
The Nazis put up a reward for his capture; he was, they said, ‘a bandit masquerading as a Scottish officer’
His ‘Fourth Symphony’, he said, is ‘a nature work, a rugged, craggy piece’
Shareholders poised to sue Tesco over losses from profits scandal
Apple value ticks up to £700m
Glut of the black stuff
Spiral of debt
Letter of intent
Chris Blackhurst
Statistics watchdog raps Treasury over personal tax summaries
Wonderland at Pinewood
US fines HSBC over its Swiss banking operations
Puzzle Solutions
UK housing market ‘is cooling down’
German launch hits AO World, but sales rise
Giants that dodge corporation tax can find ways round other levies too
Interest-free deals ‘trap millions in spiral of debt’
Vendors count cost of new £1 coin
Market Report
Ainslie’s America’s Cup dream nears reality as UK named key race host
Sky helps set wheels in motion for image revolution
Hamilton urges McLaren to stick with Button
Klitschko to sue Pulev over doping accusations
Tour returns to France for 2016 Grand Départ
Barritt keeps place at 13 as Burrell is sent back to Saints
Pressure grows on Gatland to smash Wales’ mental block
Long-suffering Finn is held back by injury as England opt to play safe
Hughes had one weakness – it has come back to haunt him
‘We are working to arrange appropriate counselling’ A major bleed causes a pool of blood to press on the brain
Hughes had one weakness – it has come back to haunt him
Emergency operation and induced coma offer best chance of survival
Wenger hits back at criticism but Klopp can see funny side
Embattled Fifa hit by loss of second major sponsor
Rodgers set to throw Gerrard forward in must-win match
Fire damages business delaying Spurs’ stadium
Berahino arrested on suspicion of drink-driving
Chelsea stroll into next round after destroying sorry Schalke
Lampard’s part in City win shows folly of letting him leave
Electric Aguero shocks Bayern to keep City alive
Amazing Aguero
Cricket world reels as Hughes fights for his life
Barritt backed

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