The Independent - 20 Oct 2014

Table of content - The Independent (20 Oct 2014)

First step to change? Pope rides out his bishops’ rejection
Coalition’s ‘lamentable’ child poverty failure
Yasmin Alibhai-Brown
Ellen E Jones
Ian Birrell
Robert Fisk
Ian Herbert
Revolutionary failure
No two-horse race
Loftus Road’s seven minutes of madness
Between a rock and a hard place
Trekkers harm rescue effort in the Himalayas
The last supper: meet the man behind Soylent
Ex-Tesco boss faces call to return pay-off cash
Japanese knotweed finally meets its match
Sexy burkas and circumcision songs
Matthew Norman
Jonathan Portes
Ian Burrell
The Monday Cartoon
£1m bill for free schools that never opened
∂∂ As an unabashed socialist I’m concerned with the distribution of wealth – but if you don’t create any in the first place it is an empty discussion ΣΣ
Gated communities and segregated schools: £6bn cost of poor integration
Milburn: act now to avoid ‘permanently divided society’
Immigration cap breaks rules, says Barroso
Taxpayer-funded grants were paid ‘under intense pressure’ to Big Society
Rishi Sunak ‘over the moon’ to stand in William Hague’s safe Yorkshire seat
UK academics set up as the world’s first space detectives
Major fire breaks out at gas power station
Prince Charles orders grey squirrel cull on estate
Cameron’s free-schools programme is damaging standards and wasting public money
Taxpayers footed £1m bill for free schools that never opened
Libel cases prompted by social media posts rise 300% in a year
Players’ union ‘advising Ched Evans on career’
We advise British nationals in the affected area to call home
Trekkers harm Nepal rescue by walking danger trail
If the young do seek guidance and leadership, a sexy and edgy dilettante such as Russell Brand will, I fear, only fail them
Since ‘East is East’ was written, the world’s gone south
Belfast pays final respects to its firebrand peacemaker
Environment Secretary to scrap solar farm subsidies
Divestment campaign urges customers to boycott banks which support fossil-fuel industry
Devo Manc: city dreams of a northern renaissance
Hope for ‘spare human parts’ as intestine is grown in mouse
Japanese knotweed finally meets its match – in the shape of a tiny louse
‘DNA error’ in book naming Jack the Ripper
Matthew Norman
Between a rock and a hard place
Hong Kong deadlock
On the right track
A house divided
Robert Fisk
Save our countries from tragedy, Liberian leader urges West
Church should not fear change, says Pope after synod backlash
MH17 parents call for end to Ukraine conflict
Hong Kong talks to go ahead despite police attack on student protesters
Robert Fisk
On the right track: Lebanese plan to revive Arab world’s first railway
Search for ‘underwater activity’ continues
Bear bites off boy’s arm as he tries to feed it
New York voter registered as being 164 years old
A very personal plea: don’t privatise the NHS
Section 2
What lies beneath
Ian Birrell
A picture of wealth
Alexander Fury
Britain’s claim to have taken a lead on Ebola does not bear scrutiny
Lazy luxury satisfies some appetites, but it looks a dog’s dinner
A UK company has used savvy marketing and a globe-trotting readership to take over the world’s skies
Truthful reporting is achieved not only by accuracy but the more tricky matter of context
A UK company has used savvy marketing and a globe-trotting readership to take over the world’s skies
Natural history for CBeebies
Africa is so much more than Ebola
Sexy burkas and circumcision songs lift spirits
Simon Schama’s study of Rembrandt is a call to arms for old duffers everywhere
Concise crossword
Cryptic crossword
Maths Puzzle
He was able to foster a sense of loyalty and rapport seldom seen in conductors
Royal Mail to hire fewer seasonal staff
Ex-Tesco boss faces move to claw back pay-off cash
Clacton’s problems don’t include immigration
Does the low level of bank switching by small firms really signify they are satisfied with the service?
David Prosser’s Small Talk
Europe urged to ditch rhetoric and tackle energy inequality
Shire eyes takeovers after failure of AbbVie deal
Stoke and Crewe in HS2 rail link battle
House of Fraser set for fast delivery pledge
Banks to defy Brussels warning over bonuses
Would Ukip’s policies on immigration, tax and education work?
Week Ahead
Defence buyers ‘do not need private sector help’

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