The Independent - 30 Aug 2014

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Climate of fear
London Grammar
Lady al-Qa’ida: the mystery prisoner every jihadist wants to see released
A touch of classroom
Howard Jacobson
Alice Jones
Salma Hayek
Boyd Tonkin
Ali Smith
A moral failure
Sponged off
‘Maybe you shall laugh… we can still be champions’
Mists and mellow fruitfulness
Much more than cigarettes and alcohol
School dinners as they were always meant to be
EU to announce tougher sanctions against Russia
‘Conspiracy to kill me was politically motivated’
Briton detained in DRC to ‘stop her being a lesbian’
Alice Jones
Andrew Grice
Tim Sherwood
She has become a symbol of strength and injustice for Muslims across the globe
Poles apart: an immigrant’s light-hearted look at Britain
1.8 million
Move over, Darling
MP calls off speaking tour after egg attack
The Icelandic rumble that could make tourists grumble again
Time running out for sick boy snatched from hospital by his parents
The Isis threat must be confronted with clarity and determination
Heightened alert clears the way for tighter terror laws
The savagery of Isis is shocking – and so, too, is its weaponry
West to step up response to Russia’s ‘violation’ of Ukraine
New laws to stop jihadis travelling in and out of the UK
Chic and awe: Nato invades luxury Newport hotel complex
A facial scan could save your life... via a webcam at home
For all its wattage, Bogdanovich’s new film is a screwball comedy with a screw loose
The film is closer to a Ray Cooney bedroom farce than to the great Hollywood films that it self-consciously invokes
British woman ‘held captive in Congo to cure her of being gay’
Shortage of midwives is forcing mothers to leave hospital early
MP: Scottish independence supporters are ‘bullying mobs’
Travel-firm crash hits student fundraising trips
Lawyer scolded for his ‘Potteresque’ clothing
Andrew Grice
The blind are peddling dodgy statistics, claim irate cyclists
Challenge to decision on badger cull rejected
Drawn in the USA? A Bruce Springsteen children’s book
Ofcom investigates ‘Bake Off’ ‘sabotage’
City firm fraudster jailed for four years
Three species of wagtail in long-term decline
Boy, 12, missing after being swept out to sea
Lancaster bomber grounded for air show
Bristol film festival refuses Israeli funding
Cancer patients forced to endure ‘agonising wait’ for treatment
I didn’t see a single shark or a single fish longer than 30cm in all that time
‘We must protect our oceans, says Seven Seas swimmer
Something rotten in the town of Rotherham
When the powerful avoid criticising someone from minority communities it feeds the idea white working class are less important
South Yorkshire Police officers ‘may still be held accountable’
What’s with the boilers? A Polish take on UK life
As Martin Amis mulls a return to Britain, will America miss him?
Onboard protection for pregnant submariners
10 jailed over ‘vast’ cocaine plot at docks
Radiographers to vote on strikes over 1% rise
Eruption in Durham: save ‘Pompeii of the North’
I always thought my youngest, then aged four, was too young to start school but was told by playschool she had to go
Were they Kagame’s assassins?
House of Hitler
Lady al-Qa’ida
Yesterday’s man?
Ebola hope
Yesterday’s man? At 87, maybe not yet...
‘Anyone opposed to Kagame has a death sentence put on them’
Population overestimated by 20%, census indicates
Workers trapped after gold mine landslide
North Korean banker defects with $5m
Experimental Ebola drug tests ‘extremely encouraging’
Air defence boosted in response to China threat
US applies sanctions over nuclear programme
The award-winning band on stage fright, in-fights and the difficult second album
Why the actress was told she’d never work again
Boyd Tonkin reviews his grown-up new novel
‘I only watch television on aeroplanes’
My part-time job in a second-hand bookshop
19, Musician
Hitler’s home saved – but will be turned into memorial to his crimes
Lady al-Qa’ida: the world’s most wanted prisoner
Lady al-Qa’ida: the world’s most wanted prisoner
Government resigns as militias accept truce
Instructor’s family ‘feel sorry’ for machine-gun girl
Premier denies asking army to mediate in crisis
Mary Dejevsky
Alice Jones
Howard Jacobson
Stuart Wheeler
Another Voice
What is the purpose of Nato? It’s a question that won’t be answered soon
From the cradle to the Lords, an unequal country
I was about 12 when I began celebrating my birthday by locking myself in my bedroom and sobbing over sad music
Some thoughts lie too deep for tears. But it’s through tears that we access them
He gave £5m to the Conservatives. Now the tycoon backs Ukip, and has convinced Douglas Carswell to join him. By The ace in Farage’s pack
How does any woman find the time to vote, with so much cooking and cleaning to do? (Send your answer to the dolts at Better Together)
Licia Albanese
‘Albanese’s is one of the great Violettas,’ wrote one critic. ‘It resembles no other’
Tesco profits to hit nine-year lows as the empire goes into meltdown
Clean-up on every aisle: where to start
Deflating news
The return of PPI
Supermarket slump
Ruby shines bright
Tesco dividend held hostage to test appetite for change
Rovio hopes to soar under new boss
Malaysia Airlines sheds 6,000 jobs after disasters
BAE’s Sutherland to take over at De La Rue
August house-price rise fuels 11% gain on year
Your Money: Two million first-time buyers are locked out
My Week James Ashton
Hermes bags strong sales
Market Report
ECB expected to act as euro deflation looms
‘I couldn’t be a senior female CEO and not help others’
If the army emerges with renewed influence then so be it. Pakistan is still taking baby steps to democracy
Two million first-time buyers are locked out
Car renewal alert: drivers overpaying
First Direct is the ‘best bank’
RBS fined over advice failings
In the Red
The Analyst
Questions of Cash
No eggs in the nest
It’s time to save, say the experts
It’s time to save, say the experts
Questions of Cash Paul Gosling
When even safety first is a risk, go for income and capital growth
Green Compliance has made its investors feel very blue
Many shareholders must rue the day they got involved. The portfolio’s shares are now worthless
Bargain Hunter
Change now for a 0% balance transfer credit card
When videogame prowess is worth a billion, I get twitchy
Money Insider
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Prize cryptic crossword
Prize Super Sudoku
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Friday’s solution
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Prize jumbo general knowledge crossword
Solution to Jumbo #275
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