The Independent - 25 Apr 2014

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Crowd-sourcing: Narendra Modi heads into the history books
Barclays to investors: stop moaning about our bonuses
An interview with Floyd Mayweather, the world’s greatest boxer
Labour will veer left in bid to save the Union
What do we want? Minority status for our home county!
Coming to Britain
The feeling’s mutual
Israel breaks off talks with Palestinians
Strivers? Global race? Please, give it a rest
Ukip suspends ‘poster boy’ over racist tweets
Are you ready for Singapore zing?
‘Exhibition’ offers an intimate portrait
Mark Steel
Rosie Millard
Unknown Warhols found on floppy discs
I don’t know a single pastor in the state lobbying for guns to be brought into churches
Are the streets really the safest in 30 years?
Miliband to end the ‘epidemic’ of zero-hours contracts
Depending on the pollster, it looks like a photo finish
Who’s on centre ground?
Ukip suspends ‘poster boy’ over racist tweets
Labour fears loss of Co-op’s £1m gift, not its loan
Depending on the pollster, it looks like a photo finish
Barclays boss slaps down investors angry at bonus deal
Hillsborough insults traced to Whitehall computers
Banksy says exhibition is ‘disgusting’
Hillsborough insults traced to Whitehall computers
German bribery trial told of Ecclestone’s wartime childhood
Are the streets really the safest they’ve been for 30 years?
Unknown Warhol works discovered on old floppy discs
Rosie Millard
High office and low-cut tops don’t match
Three cups of coffee a day can lower risk of diabetes
Mother charged with murder of children
Clegg calls for disestablishment
Still busking, the songwriter tipped for a Novello after millions of downloads
Pet Shop Boys to premiere Turing work at Proms
McQueen coming home to the V&A
‘King of Acid’ rave pioneer who tried to steal £1.25m by hijacking banks’ computers is jailed
Christian revelation
Police try to find London pupils on US paedophile’s computer
A third of troops who guard bases are unfit
Reform of judicial review will silence vulnerable
‘I’m still fighting,’ says teen cancer victim
Hunter-gatherers fell for their farmer rivals, DNA reveals
They come over here, sign up to Ukip, stand for election...
Free school praised by PM ‘needs improvement’
Maps help residents identify disease risks
Tasering ‘not revenge’ for being hit by underpants
Mark Steel
Fall of a mighty Austro-Hungarian stronghold
Israel breaks off peace talks with Palestinians over unity deal
Putin’s warning shot
The Modi myth machine
Syria in weapons pledge
Guns of Georgia
Syria to get rid of chemical weapons ‘within days’
‘He who chooses terror does not want peace,’ says Netanyahu
Georgia up in arms after state passes ‘carry anywhere’ gun law
Domo arigato, Mr Roboto
Pope’s private words ‘are not Church policy’
Suspected case of mad cow disease investigated
‘Horrified’ UN threatens sanctions over massacre
Putin warns of ‘consequences’ for Ukraine as armed forces mass on border
Courage and restraint show the Ukrainians at their best
Crocodiles and comic books: the Modi myth machine
Pope John XXIII’s ‘missing’ second miracle is that he knew he was fallible
In fair Verona, thy charity must not be extended to pigeons... or the homeless
Coup leader faces death penalty over mass graves
UN urged to seek release of 230 kidnapped girls
Nuclear test state sues over failure to disarm
Migrants freed from human traffickers
Why did Blair not mention the Saudis?
Less work, more play
Why stop at Cornwall?
An understated triumph
The new fusion
Saint Paul
Hats off to Paul Weller – if only there were more pop stars like him
If there was a gold medal for chillaxing, Cameron would win it
Kent’s good citizens saw off William the Conqueror
In praise of Battenberg, prince – and his brothers – of cakes
Live like a star in Vivien Leigh’s old mansion – you’ll be as happy as Larry
Haunting study of emotional interiors
This techno thriller is in need of an intelligence upgrade
Jo Joyner impresses, but this countryside romcom is no breath of fresh air
Loach’s moving tale is a flying success again
When it’s worth staying on the case
Welsh noir that’s a bit of a mystery
Concise crossword #8588
Codeword #578
Cryptic crossword #8589
Sudoku #4414
Maths Puzzle
Word Wheel
Frank Kopel
Campaigner whose efforts to save the Asian elephant took him far beyond the privileged circles from which he came
Starbucks suffers first UK sales fall after tax row
Mark Leftly on the outlook from Westminster
Levy’s PR offensive
Investors revolt
Food wars
Hey, big spenders
AstraZeneca investors revolt on pay as mega-mergers near
Experts warn of escalation in global unrest as food prices soar
Unilever trims the fat by selling off Slim-Fast
$3bn Silicon Valley collusion suit ‘is settled’
Virgin Atlantic flying towards the black
Big switch-on to Alstom over General Electric bid
Hey, big spenders: how men are saving fashion
Market Report
HS2 would create thousands of engineering and building jobs to help the UK economy
Even the biggest advertising and PR Mad Men can’t spin the taxman
Anglo output comes apart at the seams
CPP suffers losses after big compensation bill
Recalls hit profits at General Motors
Car production jumps 12% as EU demand rises
Lloyds picks veteran to chair Scottish Widows
E-cigarette makers face first set of regulations
Who has put their hand up to play Scotland?
‘Money’ matters
Pep talk
Steve Bunce
Great Scott
World champion Klitschko lines up another patsy while veteran Briggs taunts him for a chance to take title back to the US
Saints gamble with semi-final while Quins unleash big guns
Rugby Union
Can the Beckham of the bikes make GB roar again?
Injured Woods focuses on the long game
Rocket misfires against Perry at Crucible
Wiggins and Froome sit out Giro d’Italia
Can the Beckham of the bikes make GB roar again?
Wimbledon hopes for £100m debenture windfall
Pressure builds on Guardiola as Bayern legends react to defeat
‘Don’t be expecting blood and tears,’ says Platini
League to keep eye on Chelsea changes
Butt: It will be a proud moment for boys of ’92
Europa League
The win that was key to Liverpool’s title bid
It was horrific – like that TV show Seconds From Disaster
‘I want to be the greatest – but also the smartest’ I had a promoter once but I had a game plan so I left him and $400m later, here we are
‘I want to be the greatest – but also the smartest’ I had a promoter once but I had a game plan so I left him and $400m later, here we are
Exclusive: In the gym with Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather and his team
City will avoid ban if they fail Uefa’s FFP
Turning point

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