The Independent - 17 Apr 2014

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Scientists hail ‘new era’ in fight against cancer
Danger: shadow Chancellor at the wheel
Ricky Gervais:
The cruel sea: hundreds of schoolchildren feared dead in South Korean ferry disaster
Ben Chu
Robert Fisk
Archie Bland
Jane Merrick
David Usborne
Recovery position
Wellcome break
Why gay sex crimes go unreported
Chaos, confusion and itchy trigger fingers
A shift for Syria’s fading insurgency
I’ll have the Kim Jong-un please
The man behind Moshi Monsters inc
Fiona Sturges
Rhodri Marsden
Now London has a Starbucks HQ
Dave Brown
I’d much rather be a bad artist than a good critic
£ 1,700
Coulson: I listened to Blunkett affair voicemails
Average wages growing above inflation at last? Not if you take away huge bonuses for the rich
Drugs charges for former Co-op boss Flowers
We all benefit from living in a Christian country, says Cameron
The suits are still sharp, but Don Draper has lost his edge
Chaos, confusion and itchy trigger fingers reign in east Ukraine
Russia accused of erecting a new ‘Berlin Wall’
Deals brokered in a distant land are not going to satisfy Ukrainian protesters
Thousands of parents miss out on first choice for primary school
Ramadan clash ‘looming’ for Muslim exam students
Deal may have halted lecturers’ marking strike
Teachers urged to look for evidence of FGM
Picturing a better future
‘These treatment trials will rewrite the rulebook’
Starbucks relocates to ‘coffee capital of the world’ – and a bigger tax bill
The secret squirrel: rare red only seen by 5 per cent of Britons
Labour to overhaul disability assessment tests
It’s two decades since ‘education, education, education’, but still Britain’s primary school admissions are a farce
Rhododendrons may be alien, but they’re beautiful
What’s it like living beside North Korea?
Coulson listened to hacked voicemails of Blunkett affair
Takeaway tests after lamb is taken away
Charity runner who died at finish raises £63,000
‘Neo-Nazi’ shop opens in heart of Jewish community
Whistleblower confronts Met Police chief on radio
Weller wins damages for Mail Online pictures
Man jailed for 10 years over cyclists’ deaths
One in 16 patients ‘infected by NHS care’
Ed Balls investigated for failing to stop after ‘touching bumpers’
Opik becomes the funny face of Iran after criticising regime
A forgotten victory in which even Nature played a part
Foreign Office alerted to Kim Jong-un hair affair
The crews’ last act as their ships sank beneath them was to cry three cheers for the Kaiser
Scientists discover the conception molecule
Even family of witness in Blakelock murder trial did not believe him
Fight for the right to Hardy
Google proves a lift into space will never get off the ground
Bags of talent
No plans for Brown to leave House of Commons
We could have had a proper debate about sexism. Instead, we’re fencing over a media-garbled paraphrase
Peak beard? I certainly hope so
UB40 gig was so loud ‘it altered heart rhythms’
Welsh stars align for ‘Under Milk Wood’
Too soon to scrap 2021 census, MPs warn
Glasgow bottom of the list on life expectancy
A shift for Syria’s fading insurgency
Minister’s memory loss
A £15 minimum wage
Bloomberg’s target
Victims of the Islamists
Muslim Brotherhood protesters jailed
Bob Dylan’s race-hate charge is dismissed
Taliban end ceasefire but pledge to continue talks
Swiss to vote on the world’s highest minimum wage
Vintage wine and a minister with memory loss
Kidnappers of 100 Nigerian schoolgirls pretended to be soldiers, says witness
Relatives of passengers walk out of meeting
Bloomberg takes aim at the NRA with $50m fund
Police use force to break up protest against leader
NYPD eliminates unit that spied on Muslims
From Wild West to tame Upper Eastside– two different Americas
Usborne in the USA David Usborne
Frantic search for hundreds trapped on capsized ferry
Scottish vote: don’t divorce for a fantasy
The cruellest cut
Ricky Gervais
Chris Maume
Me and my Moshis
It isn’t a proper rock gig if you don’t leave with your ears ringing
This new Seat is competent and capable, but not captivating
Neil Young’s quest for purer listening is pure elitist garbage
By consistently being aware of morals and values, they will have a better impact on the world
Teachers make friends with their enemy’s enemies
Why The Bugle blows away the BBC’s tired take on satire
What it’s like to live with OCD – and to try to find a cure
Much more than just the same old songs
Chekhov makeover fails to convince
A glossy re-creation of the Boston bombers manhunt doesn’t capture the imagination
Thursday 17 April
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ANR Robinson
‘I simply tell my clients the truth as I see it’, he remarked
Banker who became hate figure after Irish crash cleared of fraud
Inside Boeing’s factory
Tesco chief at bay
Big fall in jobless
Jim Moore
Tesco chief vows to stay on despite further fall in profits
I won’t be drawn on a number for further [price] cuts because that is commercially sensitive
Advertising budgets soar as companies up spending
‘Nothing untoward’ found in Credit Suisse probe
Drugs arm may be listed separately by Reckitt
Maybach to return
Bets on earlier rate rise after unemployment falls
Chinese keep on buying from Burberry
Dreaming big in Boeing’s jumbo factory
It is premature to herald a pay recovery based on a single month’s figures
Nadal infuriated by umpire’s crackdown on his slow play
Navratilova and Murray turn out in support of Baltacha
Chisora promises to punish ‘little kid’ Fury
Supporter apologises for hitting Burgess with stick
Cram lands role with endurance programme
Premier League action
Anelka snubbed
Podolski problem
Sussex success
Sandiva gives Dettori reason to look forward to Guineas
Joyce says Jordan is ready for Tests as Sussex set the pace
Anti-climax as new Pietersen era is put on hold by injury
‘Ashley made some obvious and critical mistakes’
Bale scores wonder goal to claim Copa del Rey for Real Madrid
Villa chairman praises Lambert loyalty after coaches suspended
Rugby Union
Pompey’s fan-owners admit to making errors but their passion can conquer all
Duff set to leave for the United States or Australia
Stoney ‘devastated’ by captaincy decision
Connolly given five-match ban for clash with fan
Title boost as Sturridge injury is just ‘small strain’
Double will not save Podolski the misfit
Anelka may face Fifa probe after Brazil move is called off
Jarvis’s failure to cry foul exposes skewed values
Mannone gift saves City but title hopes disappear
Bolasie’s raw power leaves Everton choking once again
City’s title dream fades
Moores and Robinson ‘double act’ in frame for England
Jack Pitt-Brooke

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